Obama's Choice For Fed Is A Nod to Smaller Banks

January 6, 2015
The New York Times: Benyamin Appelbaum
President Obama said on Tuesday that he would nominate Allan R. Landon, the former chief executive of one of the largest banks in Hawaii, to a seat on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors.

Allan Landon Seen Boosting Community Bank Profile On Federal Reserve Board

January 6, 2015
Forbes: Antoine Gara
The Federal Reserve has been busy with so-called ‘too big to fail’ banks since the financial crisis, but the newest member of the central bank’s Board of Governors brings a perspective rooted in the world of small banks.

Firm Offers Banks New Capital Strategy

February 1, 2013
Portland Business Journal: Matthew Kish
A new Portland firm that invests in banks is getting ready to close a series of deals.

Former Bank of Hawaii CEO Helps Launch Community Bank Fund

December 4, 2012
SNL Financial: Kevin Dobbs
Former Bank of Hawaii Corp. CEO, Allan Landon, nixed his banking retirement this year in favor of a new fund focused on investing in community bank debt...

Basel III Spurs More Banks to Consider Subordinated Debt

November 1, 2012
American Banker: Andy Peters
Subordinated debt could be an option for community banks that need to raise capital but want to avoid dilute existing shareholders...

Community BanCapital is a bank-focused private investment fund formed by experienced bank investors and operators to provide growth capital in a shareholder friendly form. We seek to partner with quality management teams running strong, healthy banks that have profitable growth prospects.

Since the dislocations of the financial markets that began in 2007, it has been difficult for many community banks to raise capital. While capital has been available, it has generally been in the form of common equity; which often is dilutive and therefore comes at a high cost to existing shareholders. When measured against expected returns, the cost of this equity capital can be very high.

The goal at Community BanCapital is to structure investments that maximize regulatory capital and minimize dilution to existing shareholders. We accomplish this through the use of a variety of securities, with particular emphasis on subordinated debt. Members of the general partner are experienced in bank investing, bank operations and regulatory supervision.